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Causal Diagrams
Evaluation of Knowledge: Cause - Effect Diagrams

The full chain cause-effect diagrams is an evaluation of the quality of scientific knowledge of various aspects of the cause-effect relationship within specific health related areas. The four health topics are; "asthma and allergies", "cancer", "endocrine disruption" and "neurodevelopmental disorders".

The goal is to identify knowledge gaps and potential agreement or disagreement between expert from these areas. Ultimately, the aim is to discuss the implications of the results of the evaluation for policy and research.

There are currently seven causal diagrams online, as seen below. For those interested in looking at the causal diagrams WITHOUT evaluating, please choose the relevant diagram on the left-side menu..

For those who are interested in contributing to the causal-effect knowledge evaluation, please GO HERE and REGISTER in order to view the complete interactive diagrams with questionnaires. 

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Any information collected will be used for research and statistical purposes only. All information is provided on a completely voluntary basis.  Your contributions are much appreciated.