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after four years of work, the project HENVINET - Health and Environment NETwork - was completed April 30, 2010. At the moment we are looking for new ways of keeping the portal alive.  If you have any suggestions how this could be made possible, please contact us at sg@nilu.no.

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Policy Interpretation of Human Biomonitoring Research Results

Categories: Latest News | Author: Hans Keune | Posted: 29/10/2009 | Views: 6084

In conjunction with the HENVINET project, the Flemish Centre for expertise on Environment and Health is soliciting for cooperation with respect to work on policy relevant environment and health research. The main aim for asking for support is to strengthen the basis for the evaluation of the work that will be used by the Flemish government in order to decide whether the approach that was developed in practice is worthwhile to continue.

Main features of the action-plan that was developed for policy interpretation of human biomonitoring results are multi criteria assessment and practical application of the analytical deliberative approach, including expert assessment and stakeholder participation. The approach was presented at the International Public Health Symposium on Environment and Health Research “Science for Policy, Policy for Science: Bridging the gap.”, WHO Madrid 20-22 October 2008.

For more information see the action-plan .

Please view the short questionnaire with the purpose to compile an evaluation based up expert reactions to the action-plan.

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